Start your own individual Sponsorship page

Found out how you can set up your own support webpage to gather even more personal sponsorship for your quest up the Grosser Feldberg in September.

You can set a personal target you would like to achieve, and when sharing the weblink with friends, family and colleagues, they can all opt to sponsor you with any amount they wish.

The amount is finally automatically transferred to our Charity (and subsequently on to Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder Frankfurt e.V.). And if your personal sponsors want a receipt for the Tax man, they will receive it directly from Nice and easy!

Here is what you do !

Step 1 - Click on >>> Select English >>> Then click on Login

Step 2 – Create your account

Step 3 – Click My betterplace

Step 4 – Click on List a fundraising event, the describe your event and insert an optional target amount

Step 5 – Option 1 wählen

Step 6 – Search for Feldberg Radeln and select it

Step 7 – Potentially insert a suitable picture and thank you mail

Step 8 - You can now mail the URL to all your friends and family and ask them to help you raise money and reach your target. Exactly as you might already have used in the UK.

Step 9 - You can consider updating the standard text provided by under the description. Very easy and self-explanatory, really.


Click here to see an example of how a page could look !