Statutes in English for Radeln auf den Großen Feldberg e.V. (In accordance with the Founding Meeting on 8 September 2010)

Please note that the German version is the legally binding version. Download the English translation here.


§ 1 Name, registered office and financial year

  1. The Charity’s name is 'Radeln auf den Großen Feldberg', upon registration the name will be followed by 'e.V.' (eingetragener Verein = registered charity).

  2. The registered office of the Charity is in Bad Homburg v.d. Höhe and shall be entered in the Registry of Associations.

  3. The financial year is the calendar year. The Charity’s first financial year will end on 31 December 2010.

§ 2 General aims and objectives of the Charity

  1. The objective of the Charity is the advancement of public participation in sport in accordance with § 52 Abs. 2 Nr. 21 of the German Tax Code (Abgabenordnung). This objective is to be realised in particular through the organisation of an annual bike ride up the Großer Feldberg with the aim of raising funds for charity organisations that are recognised as charitable in accordance with § 58 Nr. 1 of the German Tax Code.

  2. The Charity pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes in accordance with the section 'Tax-privileged Purposes' of the German Tax Code. The Charity is non-profit and does not primarily pursue profit-oriented interests.

  3. Funds of the Charity may be used only for statutory purposes. Members do not receive any payments from the Charity’s funds. No person may benefit from expenditure unconnected with the objectives of the Charity, or from disproportionately high remuneration.

§ 3 Membership

  1. The Charity has full members and associate members. Membership is granted upon written application. A legal claim to membership does not exist.

  2. The Board decides upon the application for membership after due assessment. The applicant will be notified in writing of the Board’s decision. On principle, reasons for rejection of an application are not disclosed.

  3. Full members may be natural persons who are at least 18 years of age and want to support the objectives of the Charity. Associate members can be natural persons, or legal entities who want to support the objectives of the Charity without becoming full members.

  4. Membership shall cease upon death (for natural persons), dissolution (for legal entities), exclusion or cancellation of membership.

  5. The General Meeting can decide to exclude a member if he/she negligently harms the interests of the Charity, does not pay membership fees in good time, or due to other important reasons. Before a decision is taken, the member shall be given the opportunity to state his/her position. The decision, including adequate explanation, shall be sent to the member in written form.

  6. Cancellation of membership can be declared in written form to the Board. Membership can only be cancelled at the end of the financial year with one month’s notice.

  7. All members shall pay membership fees. The General Meeting will decide by single majority on the amounts and due dates for the following financial year. Membership fees may differ for full and associate members. In addition to the membership fee, members are encouraged to make donations in order to support the objectives of the Charity.

  8. Resigned or excluded members have no claim on the Charity’s assets, or the return of contributions and donations already made.

§ 4 Bodies of the Charity

Bodies of the Charity are the General Meeting and the Board.

§ 5 General Meeting

  1. The Ordinary General Meeting takes place once a year. It will be convened by the Board with two weeks’ written notice. The invitation will include the General Meeting’s agenda.

  2. The General Meeting decides on the changes or additions to the agenda that have been requested by members.

  3. An Extraordinary General Meeting is to be convened by the Board if and when the interests of the Charity require this, or if one fifth of the Charity’s members request this in writing indicating the purpose and the reasons.

  4. At the General Meeting each full member has one vote. Vote by proxy and absentee voting are permitted.

  5. The General Meeting is chaired by the President or in his/her absence by the Vice-President. The election of the Board is chaired by an election supervisor who is appointed by the General Meeting by single majority.

  6. The keeper of the minutes is nominated by the chairperson.

§ 6 Resolutions of the General Meeting

  1. Resolutions of the General Meeting shall be adopted if at least one quarter of active members is present. Should this not be the case, another General Meeting shall be convened within four weeks with the same agenda. The invitation shall refer to the fact that the resolutions in this second meeting will be adopted regardless of the number of full members present.

  2. The votes in the General Meeting shall be exclusively by a show of hands.

  3. The General Assembly’s resolutions are taken by simple majority. Abstentions are not taken into account. In the event of a tie vote, the chairperson has the casting vote. In his/her absence the vote of his/her deputy, in the absence of his/her deputy the vote of the chairperson elected by the General Meeting.

  4. The following decisions are adopted by resolutions of the General Meeting:

    1. Amount and due date of the membership fee;

    2. Election of the Board Members: President, Vice-President and Treasurer;

    3. Election of Internal Auditor;

    4. Discharging the Board;

    5. Consultation on upcoming Charity events;

    6. Changes to the statutes;

    7. Dissolution of the Charity.

  1. Changes to the statutes and the dissolution of the Charity require a majority of three quarters of full members participating in the General Meeting.

  2. The decisions of the General Meeting shall be recorded as minutes and signed by the chairperson and the keeper of the minutes.

§ 7 Board

  1. The Board consists of the President, the Vice-President and the Treasurer. Two members of the Board together are authorised to legally represent the Charity.

  2. The Board Members decide upon the distribution of tasks among themselves. They deputise for each other and decide by majority decision.

  3. Only full members can be elected onto the Board.

  4. The term of office for Board Members is two years. Re-election is permitted.

  5. If a member prematurely leaves the Board, the General Meeting elects a successor for the remainder of the term.

  6. The Board Members work on an honorary basis.

§ 8 Internal Auditor

  1. The General Meeting elects an Internal Auditor for a term of two years. The Internal Auditor is responsible for controlling financial matters of the Charity, including books and receipts and submits an annual written report to the Board.

  2. The Internal Auditor submits an audit report to the General Meeting, and, upon the approval of adequate and orderly accounting of the cash transactions, requests the approval of the actions of the Board.

§ 9 Dissolution of the Charity

In the case of dissolution or suspension of the Charity, or in the case of cessation of the 'Tax-privileged Purposes' according to the German Tax Code, the assets of the Charity shall be transferred to the charity 'Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder Frankfurt e.V.'.

§ 10 Translation of statutes and minutes

An English translation of the statutes and the meeting minutes shall be prepared for the non-German speaking members. The provided translations shall be no requirement for the effectualness of the original German documents.

§ 11 Severability clause

Statutory regulations shall apply in the event of individual provisions of the statutes being or becoming invalid. This will not affect the remaining provisions of these statutes.